press release: BIKELANTIS Kicks-off Fundraising Campaign on Indiegogo.

BIKELANTIS, a Full-Length Documentary on Bicycling Culture Around the Country Kicks-off Fundraising Campaign on Indiegogo.

Lafayette, Indiana September 24, 2014 – Since 2012, Director/Producer Manny Cervantes was working hard on accomplishing one of his dreams, a full-length documentary on bicycling culture around the country. 

His film, BIKELANTIS, is an exploration of how cycling is changing communities. The documentary explores more than twenty cities and looks at bike shops, bike sharing, city planning, competition, advocacy, bike touring and many other topics affecting cyclists nationwide. Lafayette, Indiana is featured as a vibrant cycling community where biking is evolving, and Hood-Ride Bicycle Shop in Phoenix, Arizona is showcased as an example of a fully realized bicycle habitat.

BIKELANTIS envisions a bike universe with a strong sense of community that is part of a healthier, creative lifestyle with global capacity for compassion between neighbors, and ultimately bike friendliness.

While Manny is no longer with us, his dream to uncover and redeem this Bikelantis-Utopia lives on.  Manny was an artist, philosopher, visionary, and adventurer.  Because he found beauty where it’s often overlooked, his film is uniquely precious and powerful.

The film’s producer Luis Eduardo Villamizar says, “We are committed to completing this very important film and seeking contributions to financially assist the post-production process.  These finishing funds will provide every audience with a film that encourages each viewer to “live like Manny”, and strive for a better way of living together.  Bikelantis reminds us of our own potential to inspire and be inspired, and to create positive change”.

The thirty day, fundraising campaign on kicked-off with an held an event at Carnahan Hall in Lafayette, Indiana last Friday and raised $1,300. The night was highlighted with interactive art, music, items for sale, a silent auction and the films’ producer, Luis Eduardo Villamizar, who was in attendance, held a Q&A session and presented the films’ new, official trailer.


Emmanuel Cervantes, 35, of Lafayette, Indiana, passed away on May 15, 2014. He was affectionately known as “Manny” to his friends and family.

Manny was the type of person we often don’t come across. He was an artist, philosopher, visionary, and adventurer. He loved his life and lived it to the fullest. He found beauty where it’s often overlooked and was always filled with hope for a better tomorrow. When he walked into a room, it was immediately consumed with positive energy. His laugh and smile were contagious. 

Manny was a great listener and teacher who was always there for friends, family, and general acquaintances to offer advice or a consoling heart. He sought a deep understanding of his purpose, doing his part to leave a lasting and positive change on the world. Those that had to pleasure to know and love him are all better off because of the positive light he radiated.

He was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, but registered as a Mexican citizen to Susana Venis and Alvaro Cervantes on April 11, 1979. He was raised in Montgomery County, Indiana. He graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and spent his career working in various small business media production settings, shooting and editing commercials and other video projects. His freelance promotional videos for various artists and community arts and cultural events are widely viewed online. Emmanuel was also involved in teaching youth in the community. In his later years, he grew as a bicycling enthusiast and began working on this documentary film chronicling his various cycling trips around the country.

To learn more about Emmanuel and what it means to #livelikemanny, visit Details can be found there regarding a memorial fund that has been established in his name.

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