Bikelantis Fundraiser 09.12.14 - Lafayette, Indiana

Please join us and show your support on Friday, September 12, 2014 at Carnahan Hall for a special event to help raise awareness and funds for the upcoming documentary by Manny Cervantes, BIKELANTIS.

All donations from this event will go towards completing the documentary and getting it out into the world. Every dollar counts, so please help us spread the word.

Since 2012, Director/Producer Manny Cervantes was working hard on accomplishing one of his dreams, a full-length documentary on bicycling culture around the country. 

His film, BIKELANTIS, is an exploration of how cycling is changing communities. The documentary explores more than 20 cities and looks at bike shops, bike sharing, city planning, competition, advocacy, bike touring and many other topics affecting cyclists nationwide. Lafayette, Indiana is featured as a vibrant cycling community where biking is evolving, and Hood Ride Bicycle Shop in Phoenix, Arizona is showcased as an example of a fully realized bicycle habitat.

BIKELANTIS envisions a bike universe with a strong sense of community that is part of a healthier, creative lifestyle with global capacity for compassion between neighbors, and ultimately bike friendliness.

While Manny is no longer with us, his dream to uncover and redeem this Bikelantis-Utopia lives on. Manny was an artist, philosopher, visionary, and adventurer. Because he found beauty where it’s often overlooked, his film is uniquely precious and powerful.

We are committed to completing this very important film, and seek your contribution to financially assist the post-production process. These finishing funds will provide every audience with a film that encourages each viewer to #livelikemanny, and strive for a better way of living together. BIKELANTIS reminds us of our own potential to inspire and be inspired, and to create positive change. 

With your help, the film will be completed and available for screening by the end of 2014.

The film is currently in post-production, however, we're trying to raise funds to help with expenses. Even on the smallest movie, money is needed. We hope to raise the absolute minimum amount of money needed to complete the project in a way that would’ve been acceptable to Manny. 

My ONLY goal is to keep his vision for the film intact and deliver on the expectations I presented to Manny when he brought me aboard this project last year. I owe that to him and his family and I’m asking for your help to make this project, his dream, a reality.

Manny and I had planned several things and this event and the fundraising campaign were things we had discussed in great detail.

This money is crucial for the completion of the film and will be ONLY be used for the following post-production needs:

• Editing & final cut 
• Motion graphics, voice-over, color correction
• Sound design/edit/mix
• Music licensing
• Film festival deliverables - exhibition prints and other associated costs 
• Printed materials, press kit package & promotional materials
• Copyrights & trademarks
• Any additional money we raise will go towards the livelikeManny scholarship set up in his name. 

We aim to make this event a celebration of Manny’s life and enjoy a night surrounded by his passions – lots of art, music and bikes!

The event will feature:

• Manny’s family and a Welcome presentation by his sister Cynthia Vinasco
• New Official Bikelantis trailer
• Q&A session with films producer Luis Eduardo Villamizar
• Interactive Art – participatory art exhibits where you help create the masterpiece.
• Photo booth with Manny’s Bike 
• Slideshow with Bikelantis photos and more
• Music 
• Cash Bar
• Donation station with several options - cash, credit card 
• Silent Auction items

800 Main Street
Lafayette, IN 47901

7pm | Free Entry with suggested donation

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