Post Production: day 28 update

(This photo of Manny was taken in Phoenix, AZ)

(This photo of Manny was taken in Phoenix, AZ)

Hello Bikelantians! I know many of you are wondering what's the status of the film.  Since my post below, almost a month ago, I've been logging several hard drives of video, tons of footage and photos.  I've also contacted a few people who have come on board and are working with me on several things such as editing, sound, animation, marketing etc., to help complete the film. 

This past weekend, I stayed at Manny’s sister house in Columbus Georgia.  Cynthia and her husband are close friends and that’s how I met Manny.  I’ve discussed in detail with her our plan and the process from here to completion of the film and beyond. 

In the next few days, I’ll be reaching out to some more people on my list and will post some specific things that I’m looking for.  I still have a good amount of video to log but I’m a lot closer to the next step. 

By next week, I’ll have much more information to share with everyone here.  Thanks!  – Luis