Today I have two, special messages to share with everyone. The second one is about “ENERGY” and I will share it later today.

But first, as you may now know, last night the time ran out on our thirty (30) day fundraising campaign.  From the very first day, from the event at Carnahan Hall to the ride in Tempe, to late last night, the amount of support and love for this project was outstanding. With the total from the kick-off event in Lafayette, our grand total was $4,824 leaving us $1,176 short of our goal. 

This morning I spoke with Attorney Kevin Muñoz and Adriana Escoto from The Law of Office of Attorney Kevin Muñoz in Indianapolis.  They both were very close friends with Manny and he had also done various video projects and worked on the website design for Kevins’ law firm.  I’m thrilled to announce that The Law of Office of Attorney Kevin Muñoz has generously donated $2,000 this morning towards the post-production of the film!!!

So you know I have to give an ULTIMATE HIGH FIVE to Syed Liaquat Ali, Raquel Tejada, Adriana Escoto, Sayra Perez, Lupe Dimental, Christopher Komari and Kevin Muñoz for this amazing donation and helping us pass the goal!! On behalf of the entire production crew and Manny's family, Thank you Kevin and your entire staff for helping us make Bikelantis a reality.  If you know them or go by their office, give them a HIGH FIVE and a huge THANK YOU!!  http://www.muñozlegal.com