Bikelantis art piece by TIM FLAGG

Bikelantis art piece by TIM FLAGG

BIKELANTIS ART PROJECT | Piecing Together a Bike Utopia

We’d like to invite you to contribute to the Bikelantis movement by participating in a collaborative art project.


About the Inspiration

In 2014 the cycling community lost a great friend in Manny Cervantes. He was a lifestyle cyclist who enjoyed daily commutes, touring and casual competition. As a friend, Manny was a creative thinker and an energetic force who made lasting connections with many people in the communities he spent time in. Being with him typically included riding bikes, taking chances, thoughtful talks about art or bike culture, and some laughs.

Manny was also a talented photographer and videographer, often filming whatever he was doing, on or off the bike.  In filming Bikelantis, Manny rode around the country seeking out diversity in cycling experiences and searching for this bike utopia in real life.

We want people to contribute whether it is in this art project or be inspired to do something in real life, hopefully both. We want the art to be as organic as possible. That means seeing this art out in the community where cyclists are, places Manny visited and places in the Bikelantis film. This is for the people who are contributing to that Bike Utopia in large or small ways as much as it is for the people who interact with cyclists or cycling advocates on a regular basis, to take notice, and be positively influenced. 


Some Prompts

How does your passion for bikes move you?

Did you know Manny? If so, what reminds you of his passion for cycling and film?

What stands out about cycling in your community?

What does your version of a real-life Bikelantis look like?


The Details

Please decorate and/or write whatever you’d like onto a postcard-size piece of cardstock (3.5-4.25 inches x 5-6 inches).You may create this card anonymously or with identifying information on front or back. This art project will have a digital aspect (more info TBA), but it is preferred that you send the card to:


230 N. 4th St

P.O. Box 1193

Lafayette, Indiana 479

The cards will be put together into various art pieces such as traditional-style frames, handmade boxes and shelves, etc (visual samples to come). These art pieces will be made available for individuals, organizations, or businesses and can potentially be updated with new cards.


For inquiries, etc. please email:

Art Piece by Aaron Bumgarner #livelikeManny  - A not so tiny one for #tinyplaces

Art Piece by Aaron Bumgarner #livelikeManny  - A not so tiny one for #tinyplaces