BIKELANTIS is an exploration of how cycling is changing communities. The documentary explores more than 20 cities and looks at bike shops, bike sharing, city planning, competition, advocacy, bike touring and many other topics affecting cyclists nationwide. Lafayette, Indiana is featured as a vibrant cycling community where biking is evolving and Hood Ride Bicycle Shop in Phoenix, Arizona is showcased as an example of a fully realized bicycle habitat.

BIKELANTIS envisions a bike universe with a strong sense of community that is part of a healthier, creative lifestyle with a global capacity for compassion between neighbors and ultimately bike friendliness.

Director-Producer Emmanuel "Manny" Cervantes

Director-Producer Emmanuel "Manny" Cervantes


Since 2012, Director/Producer Manny Cervantes was working hard on accomplishing one of his dreams, a full-length documentary on bicycling culture around the country.  He toured the country filming and interviewing cyclists of all stripes to get a perspective on what is advancing cycling in their specific areas.

Emmanuel Cervantes, 35, of Lafayette, Indiana, passed away on May 15, 2014. He was affectionately known as “Manny” to his friends and family. While Manny is no longer with us, his dream to uncover and redeem this Bikelantis-Utopia lives on.

Manny was the type of person we often don’t come across. He was an artist, philosopher, visionary, and adventurer. He loved his life and lived it to the fullest. He found beauty where it’s often overlooked and was always filled with hope for a better tomorrow. When he walked into a room, it was immediately consumed with positive energy. His laugh and smile were contagious.

Manny was a great listener and teacher who was always there for friends, family, and general acquaintances to offer advice or a consoling heart. He sought a deep understanding of his purpose, doing his part to leave a lasting and positive change on the world. Those that had the pleasure to know and love him are all better off because of the positive light he radiated.

He was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, but registered as a Mexican citizen to Susana Venis and Alvaro Cervantes on April 11, 1979. He was raised in Montgomery County, Indiana. He graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and spent his career working in various small business media production settings, shooting and editing commercials and other video projects. His freelance promotional videos for various artists and community arts and cultural events are widely viewed online. Emmanuel was also involved in teaching youth in the community. In his later years, he grew as a bicycling enthusiast and began working on this documentary film, chronicling his various cycling trips around the country.

To learn more about Manny and what it means to #livelikemanny, be sure to visit Details can be found there regarding a memorial fund that has been established in his name.

Producer Luis Eduardo Villamizar

Producer Luis Eduardo Villamizar


Luis is fueled by his own curiosity about people and a passion for authentic storytelling using multi-media.  He got his start in the entertainment industry managing artists and DJ’s for Dynamite Entertainment Group out of Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and various other cities. He then went into public relations, where he’s been engaged in media relations, communications and event planning before finding his spirit as an independent filmmaker.

In 2012 Luis established LEV-MEDIA and produced ONE NIGHT, which was submitted to the Short Cuts Film contest, a part of the Atlanta Film Festival. His goal is to write and produce documentaries focusing on contemporary stories that express opinions and perspectives rarely featured in mainstream media.

As a writer-director-producer, Luis is developing the feature documentary, A JOURNEY TO COLOMBIA giving us insight into the search for understanding his identity, family history and Colombian heritage. The documentary aims to educate about the beauty of the country and the citizens while contradicting Hollywood-stereotypes by displaying it's diverse culture, economic advances and the resilience of the people.  He currently is in post-production on the upcoming feature documentary, BIKELANTIS. 

Associate Producer Lindsay Bane

Associate Producer Lindsay Bane


Lindsay Bane is a filmmaker with broad experience between narrative, documentary and commercial forms. Her professional resume includes producing for the award-winning documentary company Cabin Creek Films and the creative agency TAG Creative in New York City, while writing and directing her own narrative films as Banehood Productions. She holds an MFA in Film from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and currently lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona as a teaching-artist. 

As the BaneHood resident film/video artist, idea-grinder supreme and paper-waste management director: She is a one-woman triumvirate working on collaborative projects that strive for your grand interpretation. She is a Creative Producer/Director. Crossing collage with fictional and non-fictional storytelling, the work she does emotes the full spectrum with on-hand resources.